Parami Temple Spokesperson Sayadaw U Pandava in the 100th days Memorial Service of the Late Most

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    (WAki International Media Center 18th November) The 100th days Memorial Service of the Late Most Respected King of Relic Aggha Mahasaddhamajotikadaja Sayadaw U Kittivara, speeched by Parami Temple Spokesperson, Sayadaw U Pandava .

    We pay tribute to the late Sayadaw U Kittivara, who passed away 100 days ago, his teaching remains with us. In this very life, the late Sayadaw passed away in peaceful and calm state, due to having practice Marana Nussati meditation (death meditation) and recitation of the triple gems.

    When the Buddha passed way, the Sakka, King of the devas, recited these verses.

    Impermanent indeed are all conditioned things. They are in the nature of arising and dissolution. Realize that after arising, they cease to be. The realization of Nibbana on their cessation is blissful path.

    Every human being needs to face death. Before dying, they must try to do good deed and be valuable person. Human life can be divided into three stages. In the first stage, we need to be educated and to practice the Dhamma, so we can be educated and be wise. In the second stage, we have to do our jobs and practice Dhamma. If we are able to balance both, we will have a successful life and peace of mind. In the third stage, we must practice meditation, so we can attain Nibbana.

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    The Late Sayadaw put in practice these 3 stages perfectly, thus he created a valuable life. Therefore, we must always remember the Buddha’s teaching,

    1. Being young and beautiful are not permanent, they will decay shortly.

    2. Wealth and health are not permanent; they can be destroyed shortly.

    3. Being rich or poor, one must pass away one day.

    4. Every family member and friends meet together, these too shall change or pass.

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    May all beings be Healthy, Wealthy and have Peace of the mind.

    I share all the merit not only with the late Sayadaw but also all beings.

    Because the benefit of merit is that it can support all to attain Nibbana.

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